Newsletter 6

Lattice Biologics Newsletter Issue 6: September 26 2015 – Introducing AdMatrix – advanced wound care

This issue includes the first release of clinical data for AdMatrix, our acellular dermal scaffold product. AdMatrix is providing surgeons with greater flexibility to achieve successful interventions and outcomes for challenging wound care.

Also featured in this newsletter is the latest press release with an update on our merger with Blackstone Ventures. This update represents the next milestone, moving us further along the path to becoming a publically-traded company.


  1. AdMatrix Clinical Data: Using aggressive surgical techniques in combination with Lattice Biologics’ acellular dermal scaffold product to heal difficult wounds. An overview of the rapidly expanding global wound care problem, shortcomings in available other solutions, and case studies from Dr. Dinakar Golla’s promising clinical experience with AdMatrix surgical grafts for soft tissue repair.
  2. Update on Lattice’s Merger with Blackstone Ventures: Read the latest press release regarding our reverse merger process, including Blackstone’s completion of the first of two consolidations as part of the transaction.
  3. Welcome to Dr. Golla: Get to know the newest member of our Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Dinakar Golla, MD, the award-winning founder of the Golla Center for Plastic Surgery & Spa. Dr. Golla is the driven Board Certified Plastic Surgeon responsible for the AdMatrix case studies featured in this issue.
  4. Biologics Fun Fact: The Chemistry behind Stinky Cheese. What makes some cheese so very, unrelentingly stinky? While traversing France on this distributor tour, we have had the good fortune to sample cheeses of all wonderful types, prompting us to ponder the cause of their various aromas. So crank up your smellevision and dive into this chemical conundrum with us!

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