Clinical Information

Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Technology

Lattice Biologics is conducting clinical studies across multiple indications with the objective of developing our Extracellular Matrix (ECM) technology as an adjunct technology to allograft and synthetic scaffolds. The current clinical program comprises human trials using ECM both alone and in combination with allograft or synthetic scaffolds, delivered via topical application and surgically implanted.


The Company has also commenced enrollment for a clinical study for our AdMatrix product (decellularized dermal matrix) without the application of ECM technology.  This study will investigate the results of AdMatrix surgical use for: breast reconstruction, hernia mesh repair, diabetic foot ulcers, and treatment of complex wounds.  Future studies will focus on combined ECM/allograft outcomes.

Clinical Studies

Trial Number Phase Trial Name Location Status
ADM-001 Clinical Study Acellular Dermal Matrix for multiple indications. US Ongoing
ADM/ECM – 001 Clinical Study Acellular Dermal Matrix in Combination with Extra Cellular Matrix for Patients with severe burns. Canada Ongoing
Bone Putty Clinical Study All Tissue based Bone Putty to optimize handling characteristics’ and osteoinductivity. U.S. Ongoing

ECM is NOT currently available in a clinical trial setting. It has not been approved in any jurisdiction and is not available for purchase. Lattice Biologics and its clinical partners are conducting or will be conducting clinical studies in a number of countries worldwide, including Canada, and the United States.

The Company and its employees have no influence upon the inclusion of a patient in a clinical study.