Lattice Biologics prides itself on supplying surgeons with the safest and highest quality products available. Surgeons have used LB’s Allograft products for a wide variety of procedures including Breast Reconstruction, Spine Fusions, Hip Revisions, Knee Revisions, Foot and Ankle and many other specialty procedures. For a list of Allograft products visit our catalog here

  • Orthopedic – Hip Revisions, Knee Revisions, Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Spine – Spine Fusion Surgery
  • Foot and Ankle – Fusions
  • Plastic Reconstruction – Breast Reconstruction, Breast Revision
  • Wound Care – Diabetic Ulcers


“The Doctor received the Lattice Biologics ADM graft positively. He liked the feel of the graft and said that it performed very well.”

- Surgical Assistant (Lattice Biologics client)