This issue focuses on the challenging arena of cartilage repair.  Get to know the treatment options for this aspect of regenerative medicine and learn how Lattice ‘s ECM-Loaded Allograft Technology can significantly improve results.


1. CARTILAGE REPAIR: (click here for the slide deck)  Tackling the perplexing challenges of articular cartilage regeneration.  An overview of this area’s unique issues, treatment methods, and our ECM-Loaded Allograft Technology.

2. MERGER UPDATE: (click here for the press release)  With each day, we grow closer to our goal of becoming a publicly traded company!  Read the latest update on the Lattice Biologics / Blackstone Ventures merger here.

3. UPCOMING INDUSTRY EVENTS:  Lattice Biologics will be attending the World Stem Cell Summit in Atlanta this December 10 – 12. Prior to the event, we will host a Road Show Presentation for investors in Atlanta on December 9. Please contact us if you’re interested in attending. 

4. HOLIDAY SEASON FUN FACT:  Love it or hate it, but everyone’s got an opinion on the ubiquitous “Pumpkin Spice” that infiltrates just about every product our favorite coffee shops and grocery stores. But just how natural is that fall flavor?  Get the scientific skinny here!

5. THE PHOENIX OPEN IS COMING  It’s getting closer!  Whether you’re an avid golf-lover or if “people-watching” is your preferred spectator sport, this event delivers something for everyone.  Lattice Biologics will be hosting a Skybox on the 16th hole.

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