Lattice Biologics Newsletter 13: What's on the Horizon? Increased distribution, conferences, and the Phoenix Open

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It’s 2016 and the Lattice team is off and running! We were overjoyed to announce the launch of the Lattice Biologics Ltd. RTO at the beginning of the month and we can’t wait to share more information about the exciting new biologic products we are currently developing.

I wanted to start out the year by communicating with our stakeholders to provide an overview of the outlook, goals, and timelines we expect for 2016.

We are spending January traveling the globe to attend major industry conferences and trade shows to connect with investors and increase visibility for Lattice Biologics Ltd. and host investor roadshows. We have been encouraged by the great wave of interest in regenerative medicine, medtech, and biotech we have experienced at these meetings. As disruption continues in resources, medtech offers a safe haven for investors. In turbulent times, the Healthcare sector generally performs well.


Product Demand: Our legacy business continues to show strong demand and we are planning on doubling our donor processing in Q1 2016. Our current allograft products include: Traditional, Spinal, Particulate, Soft Tissue, Membrane and Barrier, and Demineralized Bone Matrix and are used in a variety of surgical applications such as spine surgery, burn care, post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, sports medicine, and joint surgeries.

Employee Growth: Adding to our high-performing team, we have made several new key hires in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Sales, Processing Technicians, and R&D to support the growth of our business in 2016 and beyond.

Ramping-up Distribution: As we continue to build our distribution capability, we engage in the basic blocking and tackling that is needed on a daily basis. It’s been extremely rewarding seeing this team push straight through each challenge that pops up. The big take-away is that we are continuing to strengthen our balance sheet while simultaneously doubling our processing capability.

I believe the best way to demonstrate our progress to the investment community is to communicate our progress on a quarterly basis by breaking down the numbers in 3 main areas:

1. Hospitals currently buying Lattice products
2. Distributors currently carrying our product line
3. Exclusive sales representatives

We have set targets for each of these areas and plan to communicate detailed progress on the figures–and, specifically, the quarter over quarter changes–each quarter at our shareholder conference calls.


Revenue: In expectation of meeting our 2017 revenue goals, we are planning to recruit 25-50 new surgeons throughout 2016. We will execute on this goal by meeting with key surgeons individually and at targeted trade shows and relevant seminars and by hiring dedicated sales representatives with industry experience to identify and secure valuable surgeon relationships.

Research and Development: As a major part of our R&D efforts, we are planning to initiate a Phase I Safety Trial for burn patients in Q2 2016.

Additionally, our Project Manager / Product Development Director, Dr. Christopher Bradley, PhD, and our Sr. Research Scientist, Dr. Milla Zakharova, PhD, are currently conducting a series of studies designed elucidate the various components of the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) technology we are developing to further strengthen our patent position in this speciality. We expect to share the results of these efforts in Q3 2016.

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  1. Lattice in the News:  PHOENIX BUSINESS JOURNAL “Scottsdale biotech debuts on Toronto stock exchange” [ Jan 4, 2016 ]
  1. UPCOMING INDUSTRY EVENTS:  LATTICE INVESTOR ROADSHOW MEETINGS Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary [ January 25 – 27 ]
  1. RECENT INDUSTRY EVENTS:  Lattice Biologics Ltd. was honored to participate in J.P. Morgan’s exclusive invitation-only Healthcare Conference in San Francisco.
  1. THE PHOENIX OPEN IS COMING:  Lattice Biologics will be hosting a skybox on the 16the hole.  Check out the “greatest show on grass.”

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