Strategic partnership makes AmnioVisc™ joint pain treatment available to more patients and increases profitability for healthcare providers

October 31, 2016 – Scottsdale, AZ – Lattice Biologics Ltd. (TSX-V: LBL) (OTCBB: BLVKF) (“Lattice Biologics”), an emerging biotech leader in cellular therapies and tissue engineering, with an emphasis on bone, skin, and cartilage regeneration, is pleased to announce it has formed a new strategic alignment with AllianceMed, LLC. As a third-party revenue cycle management company, AllianceMed serves as an advocate for physicians, medical professionals, and surgery facilities to increase the profitability of providing out-of-network benefits to patients. This partnership will help make Lattice’s all natural AmnioVisc™ amnio viscosupplement available to a greater number of osteoarthritis joint pain sufferers while increasing reimbursement potential for providers.


Balancing Insurance Issues with the Need for Modern Healthcare Solutions:
In today’s climate, healthcare providers face a variety of challenges that impact the potential for profitability across their businesses. To offset rising costs and supplement flagging revenues, many practices are looking for new avenues to generate income and improve the standard of care for their patients.

Unfortunately, despite mounting evidence supporting the call for regenerative medicine and growing demand for innovative biologic products, such as AmnioVisc™, many new biologic treatments are not yet approved for reimbursement by most insurance plans. This puts care providers in the unfortunate position of either asking their patients to come out of pocket for promising therapies or resorting to more traditional treatments that may be less effective and pose increased health risks.


AllianceMed is working to combat this negative trend and increase treatment choices by helping physicians achieve the payments to which they are legally entitled. This is one of the few companies that consistently achieves reimbursement from insurance companies for new regenerative and biologic products. Lattice Biologics has selected AllianceMed as a key partner in great part due to its successful track record in this realm.

AllianceMed’s novel approach to insurance reimbursement will make AmnioVisc™ a viable treatment option for new healthcare providers and patients, alike. This partnership will directly benefit many of the hundreds of physicians already working with the third-party revenue generating company and the tens of thousands of patients being serviced through its Patient Choice program. Additionally, beyond its current network, AllianceMed offers the potential to serve an even wider range of individuals across the United States.

“Regenerative medicine continues to surge forward with insurance reimbursement struggling to keep pace,” states AllianceMed Co-President and Co-Founder, Matt Perez. “AllianceMed is a thought leader in developing advanced reimbursement strategies for clinically proven products and treatments. We align innovative clinical approaches with superior provider compensation to create a sustainable business model that will allow patients to receive the best care possible.”

“This collaboration,” Perez continues, “will help the approximately 27 million Americans, who are affected by Osteoarthritis (OA) who struggle to gain access to proven treatment methods, such as Lattice’s AmnioVisc™ product.”

AllianceMed’s focus on education for providers and their knowledge of the complex and convoluted out-of-network (OON) benefits and insurance reimbursement arena affords healthcare providers with greater flexibility to prescribe the safest and most effective treatments for their patients by assisting in the collection of payments. Most significant for Lattice is that this paves the way for as many osteoarthritis patients as possible to receive the meaningful health gains offered by AmnioVisc™.


Physicians who are interested in offering the highly-tested regenerative results from AmnioViscTM can now receive comprehensive support for medical billing, insurance coding, allowables, and documentation from AllianceMed. This level of support will encourage more providers to experience the restorative properties of this amnio viscosupplement within their own practices, maximize reimbursement income, and make this powerful, all natural treatment available to and—importantly—affordable for their patients.

About AmnioVisc™:
Armed with six months of excellent results from a 275-patient study to assess its efficacy and safety, AmnioVisc™ is the most studied amnio viscosupplement to date. In a controlled study, it demonstrated lasting safe pain relief and far fewer adverse effects than the current standard of care Hyaluronic Acid (HA) viscosupplements on the market1.

AmnioVisc™ is a novel, targeted regenerative therapeutic that is delivering promising relief for patients suffering from all degrees of OA pain and can be used to treat knee, elbow, shoulder, wrist, foot, ankle, neck, and spinal joints. Amniotic fluid has been proven to be significantly more effective than traditional viscosupplements, such as those from animal sources or fermentation1.

About AllianceMed:
AllianceMed, LLC is a revenue generating service company that works with surgery centers to help increase revenue by taking on the insurance carriers on their behalf. Serving as an experienced advocate, AllianceMed holds insurance companies accountable for the PPO benefits that were sold to the employers and their employees. AllianceMed strives to optimize profitability for facilities, doctors and medical providers. AllianceMed developed a unique program called Patient Choice that vets patients, informs and educates people on the benefits they have purchased. AllianceMed works with all providers to educate them on using PPO benefits with patients that are already a part of their practice. Using the Patient Protection Act, the company ensures that insurance companies cover all benefits the patient elects to use, including their out-of-network benefits. For more information, visit

AllianceMed’s History:
Established in 2014, co-founders Chris Duffy and Matt Perez set out to create a revenue generating service company that offers concierge billing services to physicians, medical professionals, and facilities that use out-of-network benefits to dramatically increase profits. AllianceMed’s state-of-the-art business model allows practitioners to continue to practice medicine hassle-free with the best possible patient outcomes.

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Lattice Biologics Ltd. offers AmnioVisc™ in 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 2.0ml, 2.5ml, and 4.0ml sized doses. AmnioVisc™ is currently patent pending and available for distribution throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally.

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1Read the study’s monograph here.

About Lattice Biologics Ltd.:
Lattice Biologics Ltd. is an emerging precision medicine leader in the field of cellular therapies and tissue engineering, with an emphasis on bone, skin, and cartilage regeneration. As a manufacturer of the highest quality allografts, Lattice is focused on next generation products to improve surgical outcomes.

Versatile allografts for a variety of surgical applications:

  • Enhancing fusion in spine surgery
  • Enhancing breast reconstruction post mastectomy for breast cancer patients
  • Sports medicine indications, including ACL repair
  • Promotion of bone regeneration in foot and ankle surgery
  • Promotion of cranial healing following neurosurgery
  • Enhancing wound repair in burn victims
  • Subchondral bone defect repair in knee and other joint surgeries

The Company is currently exploring new technologies in regenerative and personalized medicine:

Lattice Biologics operates headquarters, laboratory and manufacturing facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as offices in Toronto Ontario. The Company maintains all necessary licensures to process and sell its tissue engineered products within the U.S. and internationally. This includes Certificates to Foreign Governments from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and registrations for 29 countries, which allow the export of bone, tendon, meniscus, ligament, soft tissue, and cartilage products outside of the U.S.

Lattice Biologics (TSX-V: LBL) (OTCBB: BLVKF) became a publicly traded company on January 4, 2016. For more information visit

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