Lattice Biologics Newsletter 12: The best gift this year? We've gone public!

What a YEAR 2015 has been!  Wait no more, it’s really here… we’re finally public!

First Look: check out the all-new for detailed information on everything from team to technology and trading.

We are thrilled to announce that three days ago, we filed all documents to launch our much-anticipated RTO (Reverse Take-over) with the TSXV and establish Lattice Biologics Ltd. as a new entity. The TSXV is an excellent exchange for us and we will formally celebrate in 2016 in Toronto with a “ringing the bell ceremony.” 

Lattice Biologics Ltd. is the embodiment of our longstanding goal to become a publicly-traded company. We have been working on some BIG improvements in cancer diagnostics and surgical outcomes and this achievement will allow us to continue that work.  Watch for more updates as we develop next generation biotechnology and contribute real world solutions to the healthcare space.

Reflection & what’s ahead: With just six days to go until the new year, I am in awe of everything that has been accomplished over the past 12 months.  We are eager to share with you all of the major steps and milestones that have led us to this place.  Our first newsletter issue next year will feature a “Year in Review” to illustrate 2015’s most exciting highlights, so what for that issue after the holidays.

Thank you! In this last issue of the year, may the resounding message be a wholehearted “Thank you!” to all the people who have worked together to get here: our strategic partners, consultants, Scientific Advisory Board members, reps, distributors, and–most significantly– the employee team members who have devoted themselves to this undertaking.



  1. WE’RE PUBLIC!  LATTICE BIOLOGICS INC. IS NOW LATTICE BIOLOGICS LTDThis week we announced the launch of our RTO (Reverse Take-over) transaction with  Blackstone Ventures and the formation of our resulting publicly-traded company, Lattice Biologics Ltd.

Special: Stockhouse publishes Q&A with CEO Guy Cook.

  1. THANK YOU TO OUR EMPLOYEE TEAM! Credit is due to our one-of-a-kind team!  Today we thank the hardest working crew in biotech.
  1. JOIN LATTICE AT THE PHOENIX OPEN: Reserve your spot now!  Lattice will be hosting private facility tours followed by one-on-one meetings with our top executives, and all-inclusive Investor / Analyst / Scientific Advisory Board appreciation days at our Skybox on the 16th hole Wednesday through Saturday during the Open.  Do not miss the chance to sign-up for these limited seats.
  1. ONE TO WATCH: WSCS 2015: This month, Lattice Biologics’ scientists attended the World Stem Cell Summit in Atlanta. They are currently developing their findings and will report on the major conference take-aways in our next issue in January.

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