Newsletter 18: Darrell Denslow Joins Lattice Biologics as National Sales Director & Latest Vendor Approval Gives Access to 16 New Hospitals

Darrell Denslow Joins Lattice Biologics as National Sales Director & Latest Vendor Approval Gives Access to 16 New Hospitals
Lattice Newsletter 18: June 24 2015 – Introducing Darrell Denslow as our new National Sales Director!  New hospital approval and Next Gen AdMatrix for rotator cuff repair

It has been an amazing week full of exciting news and progress here at Lattice.  We’re excited to share the updates with you.  This issue features…

1. MEET THE TEAM: Darrell Denslow joins Lattice Biologics as the National Sales Director

The Lattice Biologics team is very proud to have Darrell Denslow as our National Sales Director.   Darrell started his career as a Spinal Consultant with Synthes Spine where he was consecutively a top performer for 6 years all while earning his Masters of Business Administration degree.  He then took a position as Area Sales Director of the West for Orthofix Spine, eventually building his own distributorship based in Scottsdale, AZ.  He brings an extensive background of biologic and allograft technologies and medical sales success accumulated over 20 years.


Latest Vendor Approval Gives Lattice Biologics Access to Another 16 Hospitals: Company could benefit from $1-3 million in new revenue annually and announces proprietary technology expected to improve rotator cuff repair surgery

June 20, 2016 – Scottsdale, AZ – Lattice Biologics Ltd. announced today that it has been selected by a major privately held healthcare services organization in the U.S. as an approved vendor.  The approval comes from a leading owner and operator of community-focused hospitals in high-growth markets who operates facilities throughout the nation in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, and Texas and employs over 13,000 healthcare professionals.

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This decision opens the door for an additional sixteen acute care hospitals to join the list of facilities currently utilizing the Company’s high quality allograft products, creating the potential for a substantial increase in future sales.

New Product for Effective Rotator Cuff Repair:  Along with the news of this hospital approval, Lattice is pleased to announce the development of its Next Generation AdMatrix dermal scaffold, which utilizes the Company’s proprietary matrix assisted regeneration (MAR) technology.  Similar to the original AdMatrix, this enriched acellular dermal product is intended for a wide variety of surgical applications, including: diabetic and traumatic wound care, burn care, foot and ankle, oral/maxillofacial reconstruction, hernia repair, leg fascia repair, and plastic surgery.  Among its planned uses, Next Generation AdMatrix is proposed to improve rotator cuff repair, a surgical process that has long been fraught with challenges.

Rotator Cuff Repair Stats:  Rotator cuff injuries affect hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.  In a study of 500 patients, researchers from the Orthopaedic Research Institute in Kogarah, Australia found that surgical rotator cuff repairs failed at a rate up to 57%, with the largest tears most likely to tear again.

The most common treatment option for serious rotator cuff damage is surgery.  Approximately 600,000 people in the U.S. undergo surgical intervention for rotator cuff injuries each year.    

Understanding the Cause of Surgical Failure:  One of the driving causes behind surgical failure is patients’ inability to heal because as we age, our ability to heal decreases.  Tissue repair requires the recruitment of properly functioning stem cells to the wound location. Stem cells, the body’s powerful agents of healing, release growth factor proteins that speed up and enhance healing.  They are critical to tissue regeneration and wound healing, but unfortunately, over time, senescence (biological aging) erodes the reparative qualities of stem cells by reducing the natural homing abilities that enable them to migrate to wound sites, adhere, engraft, and begin the healing process.

Improving Rotator Cuff Repair Outcomes:  In contrast to the current standard of care for rotator cuff repair treatment, Lattice Biologics presents a dynamic alternative to improve surgical outcomes in the form of its Next Generation AdMatrix dermal scaffold.  This product utilizes the Company’s patent pending matrix-assisted regeneration (MAR) technology which protects cells during the recovery process, allowing for greater cell viability.  As a remarkable innovation in allograft options, this new type of product combines a human acellular biological matrix made from donated human dermal tissue with MAR technology in the form of a directed scaffold derived from native Extracellular Matrix (ECM) secreted by human Mesenchymal Stem Cells (hMSC) which has been enhanced for optimal regeneration, differentiation, homing, and engraftment. This is expected to dramatically improve healing capacity and reduce surgical recovery times.

Next Generation AdMatrix natural collagen tissue scaffold could benefit a wide variety of surgical applications, including rotator cuff repair.  It is expected to facilitate healing by promoting cellular ingrowth, tissue vascularization, and tissue regeneration and reabsorbing into the patient’s dermal tissue for a biocompatible, natural repair.

View the full press release for sources and information about forward looking statements.


Event Report: WBC2016 – the 10th World Biomaterial Congress (Montréal, Canada | May 17 – 22)  Our intrepid research team, Dr. Christopher Bradley and Dr. Milla Zakharova, were among the 4,000+ attendees who descended upon the most populous city in Quebec during May to partake in the scientific program, exhibits, and many special events at WBC2016.

The Spine Technology & Educational Group Organization – 13th Annual “Cabo Meeting” – State of Spine Surgery: A Think Tank (Los Cabos, Mexico | June 30 – July 2)
 Next week we will be working with some of the spine industry’s best and brightest. The “Cabo Meeting” is the premier spine event – an exclusive invite only, highly coveted event that we are beyond proud to be attending this year.  Attendance gives us a chance to interact with the best spine surgeons in the U.S.

We are thrilled that our SAB Member, Dr. Richard Guyer, Chairman of the Texas Back Institute, will be presenting on our Extracellular Matrix (ECM) technology.  We will also be focusing on stem cell technology and our three new products currently in development that utilize our matrix-assisted regeneration technology:

  • MarBrane (amniotic tissue matrix allograft)
  • MarGraft (demineralized cortical fiber allograft)
  • MarCell (fully moldable viable cell allograft)

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