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Lattice Biologics Newsletter Issue 9: November 7 2015 – Meet the Team Part II, Till & McCulloch, and Waiting for Golf

We hope you enjoyed getting to know some of our team members in the last newsletter.  This week we complete the series with another 4 funny and passionate individuals who keep our business humming.

Read their Q&A’s here!

Also, read on to hear about our experience at last week’s Till & McCulloch Meetings and the latest on our merger process. As always, we appreciate your for your support on this journey.  Big things ahead!


1. Industry Event Recap: Top 3 from the Till & McCulloch Meetings:Overview of the recent 2015 Till & McCulloch Meetings in Toronto. Presentations included Autologous and Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapies, Cancer, and Immunotherapy.  Follow link to read the Top 3 Take-away’s.

2. Meet the Team – Part II: If our last issue featured the “nuts and bolts” of our organization, then this group could be considered the “expert mechanics” that ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Follow link for Q&A Session features with this star group:

  1. Quality & Regulatory Affairs (Tracy Ries, CTBS)
  2. Quality Control (Arianna Pastrano)
  3. Manufacturing (Mike Merritt)
  4. Human Resources (Portia Hall)

3. Merger Update: Closing the Gap: Forward Movement for the Lattice / Blackstone Merger: Efforts between Lattice Biologics, Blackstone Ventures, and our partners have reached a fever pitch as we work towards completing the transaction which will transition us to a publically traded company.

4. The Waste Management Phoenix Open is Coming! Lattice Biologics will be hosting a Skybox this upcoming February on the legendary 16th Hole.  Details to come.

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