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Past Newsletters

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Newsletter 20: All about Processing: How Big Changes Are Creating Value for Surgeons and Patients

Newsletter 19: BMP-2 for spine, the benefits of allografts, and “Orthopedics This Week” plus meet Sara D’Imperio, new Associate Scientist

Newsletter 18: Darrell Denslow Joins Lattice Biologics as National Sales Director & Latest Vendor Approval Gives Access to 16 New Hospitals

Newsletter 17: Lattice CEO Guy Cook on a New Podcast, New Approach to Brain Cancer Care, and Advanced Medicine Solutions

Newsletter 16: Announcing new regen technology & chemo screening diagnostics

Newsletter 15: Annual Spine & Breast Surgeon Meetings and private placement progress

Newsletter 14: World Stem Cell Summit Report, Dr. Milla Zakharova Joins Our Team, and Lattice in the News

Newsletter 13: What’s on the Horizon? Increased distribution, conferences, and the Phoenix Open

Newsletter 12: The best gift this year? We’ve gone public!

Newsletter 11: Tackling Cartilage Regeneration, Merger Update, the World Stem Cell Summit, and Pumpkin Spice Latte Science

Newsletter 10: Thanksgiving Turkey Mystery Solved, Stem Cell Therapies and Parabiosis Techniques Combat Aging, and Fascinating Findings from the IFATS Conference

Newsletter 9: November 7 2015 – Meet the Team Part II, Till & McCulloch, and Waiting for Golf

Newsletter 8: October 24 2015 – Get to know the Team Behind the Technology!

Newsletter 7: The Future of Cancer Diagnostics, Dr. Danny Enepekides joins our SAB, and the role of Wine in Cancer Prevention

Newsletter 6: Advanced Wound Healing with AdMatrix Dermal Scaffold, Dr. Dinakar Golla joins our SAB, and stinky cheese chemistry

Newsletter 5: Using Aptamer Technology to unlock Personalized Medicine, Dr. Clark Schierle joins our SAB, and where do green eggs come from?

Newsletter 4: Introducing Next Generation ECM-based Allograft Technology

Newsletter 3: Lattice is going public, Dr. Richard Guyer joins our SAB, and Scottsdale’s CURE Corridor

Newsletter 2: Funding and Initiatives for Personalized Medicine

Newsletter 1: In case you missed it: the first Lattice Biologics newsletter