Lattice Biologics Newsletter Issue 7: October 10 2015 – future of cancer diagnostics… and wine facts!
This issue features the article, “Mirror Image: The future of cancer diagnostics may be closer than it appears,” which highlights how advanced molecular techniques, fluorescence, and reconstruction of the tumor microenvironment are being used to improve diagnostics.  These advancements are helping create a truly personalized approach to diagnostics that eclipses traditional methods in its speed, efficacy, and patient wellness factors. Also, as we continue our progression to becoming a publicly traded company, we are thrilled to announce Dr. Danny Enepekides, pioneer in cancer diagnostics and otolaryngology, as a member of our scientific advisory board. THIS ISSUE’S HIGHLIGHTS:

  1. The Future of Cancer Diagnostics:How advanced molecular techniques, specialized fluorescence applications, and re-establishment of tumor microenvironments within a lab setting are paving the way for personalized medicine. An overview of past and current cancer diagnostics techniques as well as new research by Dr. Danny Enepekides and members of the Lattice Biologics team.
  2. $1.37 Million Update for Lattice’s Merger with Blackstone Ventures:Read the latest press release regarding our reverse merger process, featuring another infusion of capital from Blackstone.
  3. Welcome to Dr. Enepekides:Get to know the newest member of our Scientific Advisory Board,Dr. Danny Enepekides, BSc, MDCM, MPH, FRCSC, the Chief of Surgical Oncology for the second largest Cancer Centre in Canada and Associate Professor of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Toronto whose research is featured in this issue’s Cancer Diagnostics article.
  4. Biologics Fun Fact: Sour Grapes – From Promises of Cancer Cures to Chemical Compounds – Why We All Love Wine:As a follow-up to last issue’s fun fact about stinky cheese, we felt it was only fair to give our fellow oenophiles their day in the sun, too.  What is the truth behind all the health talk?  Where do all those flavor nuances really come from?  Lattice Biologics separates the scientific truth of wine’s wellness wonders from wishful thinking.

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